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“Roswell” from A to Z. Please beware of spoilers, if you are watching The WB/UPN show for the first time.

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Langley, Kal
Kal Langley is one the shapeshifters, who came to Earth in the year 1947. He is the protector of Max. In his genes the instructions of attend Max's orders is observed. After the crash, he didn't stayed in Roswell to watch Max. He started a new life in Hollywood, California. He begins a career in the movie business and it doesn't take long until he becomes one well-known producer. Langley is a shapeshifter, but he want's to enjoy life as far as possible, so he didn't change his shape for many years. He finds out, that Max is on his trace and he sends the second-class actor Joseph Ferrini to Max with a message. He thinks Max would keep away from his inquiries. Kal loves his life as it is and he want's to stay on Earth.
Submitted by: Lena

Larrek is the leader of one of the 5 planets, which are in war. He uses the body of Brody Davis, the owner of the UFO Museum to attend meetings on Earth and to communicate with his people.
Submitted by: Lena

Las Cruses
Las Cruses, New Mexico. This is the place Alex spent his time to translate the alien book, when everyone else thought he would be in Sweden for a student exchange.
Submitted by: Lena

Lonnie is the nickname of Vilandra, and she's the dupe of Isabel Evans. She lives in New York with Rath, Ava and Zan.
Submitted by: Lena

Love, Dr.
Michaels alias in Las Vegas is Dr. Love.
Submitted by: Lena