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“Roswell” from A to Z. Please beware of spoilers, if you are watching The WB/UPN show for the first time.

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Salt, Magarita
During the trip to Vegas Maria DeLuca uses alias name Margarita Salt. As Margarita, Maria relaxes in a salt bath of a mineral spring. There she finds a flyer about a casting. Strong-willed Margarita decides to participate, cause she wants to start her music career as singer in a Vegas club. It turns out that she participated a casting for a Striptease Singer.
Submitted by: Lena


The shapeshifter has the ability to easily shapeshift into another appearance. They can shift to the shape of any person and they can also slip into their actual alien identity body. But there's a rub in it: They can change their form for only a certain time until they have to shape to their origin form again. Nasedo was a shapeshifter and amongst others, he shapeshifted into Agent Pierece's body in order to protect the aliens. The producer Kal Langley is a shapeshifter as well. But he didn't change his body for a long time until Max gave him the command to do so.
Submitted by: Lena

A silver handprint brings Jim Valenti on the trace of the aliens. When Max saves Liz life, he leaves a silverprint of his hand on Liz' stomach. The sheriff has seen exactly the same print on police pictures from the year 1959. In this year a man was killed and on his body a handprint in silver was found. At that time Jim's father was the sheriff in Roswell and he was convinced that the man was killed by an alien. But nobody believed him. The handprint fades after a few hours and disappears completely.
Submitted by: Lena

Skins, The

Snapple is a popular drink in the USA. It's a peach iced tea in non-returnable bottles. Michael and his colleagues get fired, because of a missing box of Snapple.
Submitted by: Lena

Summit, The

Down in Atherton's secret basement, Isabel finds a pendant with an alien symbol. When they were kids, Max and Isabel both drew this symbol in the sand during a vacation at the beach. Later, Liz and Max learn from River Dog that Nasedo gave the pendant to Atherton.
Submitted by: Lena